CCBA Mediation Program

Why Mediation?
Mediation will often end up costing the parties less in overall fees while also working to reach a result that will both satisfy each party while working faster than the court system.

Mediation is a mutual process in which an impartial person facilitates communication between the conflicted parties to aid the Parties in resolving the conflict. The Parties have the opportunity to listen to and talk with each other, share information, consider each other’s perspectives, and make voluntary informed decisions, with the assistance of the Mediator. The Mediator does not have the authority to make decisions or impose a solution on the Parties.

The Mediator, even though trained as a lawyer, does not represent any Party and does not give legal advice. The Mediator will have no liability for any act or omission in connection with the Mediation.

The Process 
It begins by both parties agreeing to be bound by the terms of the Mediation Program Agreement. Once the form is mailed to us along with the party information and proper payment, we will assign a mediator to your case. If you should choose to do so a list of mediators can be provided and you can pick from the list based on their background information and the type of case you are mediating. 

Fee Schedule

$750 (For up to 3 hours Mediation)*

(If room rental is required at the CCBA, an additional charge of $150-$200 will be required depending on room requirements, up to 3 hours.)
Payable to the CCBA who then distributes it to the Mediator minus a $150 administration fee. If mediation is withdrawn before selection of a Mediator, $600 will be refunded to the parties, $450 after selection of a mediator. If withdrawal of mediation occurs within 5 business days prior to the mediation date, no refund will be provided.


- Mediation Program Agreement 

- Mediation Program Party Information Form - Not Currently Litigated

- Mediation Program Party Information Form - Currently Being Litigated


Would you like to be a Mediator? 
(CCBA Members only)
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List of Mediators

Family Court

June D. Scarborough Appell, Esq.

Laura Baker, Esq.*

Allyson Block, Esq.

Peter Bort, Esq.

Deborah Brand, Esq.

Kimberly Cox, Esq.

Anita D'Amico, Esq.

Sharon Eckstein,Esq.

Carla Goewert, Esq.

Robin Gray, Esq.

Kristin Molavoque, Esq.

Stephanie Morris, Esq.*

Kim Morton, Esq.



David Coker, Esq.*

George Donze, Esq.*

George Elser, Esq.

John Fiorillo, Esq.*

Mary Jo Gilsdorf, Esq.

Nancy Glidden, Esq.

Brendan Hennessy, ESQ.

Carrie Kennedy, Esq.*

Stephen P. Lagoy, Esq.

Christopher McGowen, Esq.

John McKenna, Esq.

Charles Proctor III, Esq.*

John Rafferty, Esq.*

Stephen Rhoads Esq.*

Kay Hennessy Seven, Esq.

Jane Shields, Esq.

Donald Turner, Esq.

Erik Unger, Esq.

William Weber, Esq.

Judy Weintraub, Esq.

George Zumbano, Esq.


* Indicates "Emergency Mediator” added to the Mediation Program in anticipation of increased volume for mediations resulting from the COVID-19 situation.  “Emergency Mediators” have a minimum of eight (8) hours of basic mediation training, but less than the forty (40) hours of mediation training normally required. All mediators listed on the Panel have resumes linked to their name for review.