May 2017

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12:00P ET Membership Committee Meeting
12:00P ET Pro Bono Committee
12:00P ET YLD Committee Meeting
5:00P ET BULL Session Going on Vacation How
12:00P ET Probate/Estate & Elder Law CLE
9:00A ET Environmental Law Section Meeting
12:00P ET Law Day Luncheon
12:30P ET Bankruptcy Law CLE
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12:00P ET ADR Section CLE
12:00P ET Historical Committee
12:00P ET Municipal Law Section CLE
12:00P ET Entrepreneurial Law Section
12:00P ET Real Estate Section CLE
12:00P ET Criminal Defense Section
12:00P ET Pro Bono CLE
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2:00P ET PBA Avoiding Legal Malpractice
5:00P ET Transitioning Lawyer Committee TLC
12:00P ET Solo/Small Firm Section
12:00P ET CCBA Board Meeting
5:00P ET Whiskey Wind Down
12:00P ET Family Law Section CLE
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12:00P ET CCBF Board Meeting
12:00P ET Immigration Law Section Meeting
5:00P ET Meet & Greet with Judge Julia
12:00P ET Construction & Surety Law Section
12:00P ET Bridge the Gap Spring 2017
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12:00P ET Bankruptcy Section Meeting
12:00P ET Community Outreach Committee LASP